Stivali believes that family legacies are a treasure and are priceless. Thus, the brand is proud to honor family values, and foremost humanity’s foundation, women. The way Stivali honors families’ legacies is by offering products and services conceived in family, by making collections with an elevated design and inspired by women. Stivali handcrafts women footwear and accessories in Colombia at the Guarin family’s atelier. Where quality is treasured, along with a revived appreciation into traditional skills. Handcrafting shoes to last generations. Embracing top raw materials and premium leathers, all have a stake in the story behind the Stivali brand.

Stivali’s inspiration comes from the finest European design, the rich pre-Spanish history of the Americas, and the sophistication of New York City. World's capital where co-creators Lina and Louis Guarin are based. Starting in 2016 the married couple bring their family company on a rebranding journey from their Colombian home, where the shoes are handmade since 1998 in the Guarins' atelier.

Stivali’s Colombian heritage shines throughout the branding. The handcrafted styles incorporate signature design elements and even cultural mythology into the mix. The Stivali moon-shaped logo on all shoes is inspired by the gold jewelry worn by indigenous Colombian tribes, while Stivali’s signature riding boot, the Zipa, ties back to Colombian lore plus Louis’ family’s equestrian traditions. Legend tells of a Muisca king, the Zipa, who would cover himself in gold dust during sacred festivals, an important component of the legend of El Dorado.

Eduardo Guarin, Louis’ father, named the brand Stivali, linking the traditional Italian women leather footwear design with the fundamental craftmanship of Colombia. The rebranded Stivali logo, conceived in 2016 allows the shopper to link the brand’s origin and personality to their love for life, culture and history around the world.